Friday, July 9, 2010

28 reasons this birthday was the best

28. wakin up at 4:30 to reserve a fire pit
27. allie
26. rubies breakfast on the beach
25. loungin all day
24. cup cake shoved up my nose
23. birthday suit... and ties
22. the geek strap

21. friends & family

20. feeling loved
19. beach BBQ
18. playing with fire

17. yellow cake chocolate frosting cup cakes

16. sunsets
15. smores

14. po po hey
13. surprises
12. allie
11. the hollywood sign, it does exist

10. the griffith observatory

9. ketchup

8. name that fry and sauce
7. allies race car driving
6. camera timer
5. missing the show
4. the la city lights

3. the full moon
2. oreo milkshakes
1. spending it with this AMAZING girl!!

Thank you so much Allie for one of the best birthdays ever. I am so grateful to have you in my life. You made this birthday great.


Coopers said...

Now that I know I have some competition...look out!
Glad it was an awesome birthday! It sure looks like a good time! I wish we could have been down there to help celebrate too! --Lee--

Sean said...


Brad said...

That's the best birthday celebration I've ever seen!
Brad Fallon